Track in Social Innovation

We educate experience, community & process designers


Apply for team 14 (Sep 2019)

Are you a funky rebel, an adventures artist, an imaginative warrior, a daring designer or a courageous game changer?


What is transformative social innovation?

Transformative Social Innovation is about improving the social interaction between people in such a way that they embrace or come up with new ideas, perspectives or solutions. Innovations that tackle social, environmental, economic and/or cultural challenges.

A social innovator connects people and organizations around a certain topic. He facilitates the process of co- designing and co-creating and knows how to stimulate this process, based on knowledge and experiences.

The content of the programme is based on 3 designs: EXPERIENCE DESIGN, PROCESS DESIGN and COMMUNITY DESIGN

How is the program organized?

Our programme is strongly connected to the real world, you only work with real challenges and clients.

We designed a programme in which you have a high level of freedom. The core of the programme is the Expedition. We challenge you to dive into your area of interest by doing research and by developing a professional view of and role in this area.

Based on your areas of interest we help you to build up your own network of clients. Instead of following lectures, you work together with experts, coaches, other students and members of the Performatory community.  As a member of the Performatory community you can work at our co-working space at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Content of the programme

The bachelor track in Social Innovation is one of the 3-year tracks of the bachelor study Leisure & Events at Breda University of Applied Sciences. In short, the programme consists of 6 elements of 30 EC:

Expedition in Social Innovation
…is about creative leadership, design research, trends & developments, presentation skills

Experience Design
…is about designing meaningful experiences that create value for businesses, individuals and society

Community Design
…is about creating value by designing a community of people and organizations around a certain topic.

Process Design
…is about designing and facilitating creative processes that lead to new ideas, co-creations and project start-ups

…is about realizing your own start-up, gaining in-company experience during an internship or taking part in an exchange programme

Transformative Social Innovation
…is about action research connected to one of the 3 designs. The challenge you work on is based on your own interest, but the ultimate goal is to add to the quality of life.



Application process and requirements

We embrace diversity. Different perspectives make people think, grow and act. So our application process is firstly driven by welcoming variety!

Mid January we start the application process. Everyone who has shown an interest in the programme will be  invited for a meet and greet at  Performatory. You can apply until 1 April by filling in the application form. In May we offer a 3-day introduction programme. After this programme we will ask you if you want to join the new team and we as programme leaders will share our observations and compose the new team.

We can only accept you after you have successfully completed the first year of the bachelor’s programme Leisure & Events (or equivalen), but you can already apply in advance.


Do you want to know more about the track in Social Innovation? You can join for a day or  let us know if you want to be informed about the next application round.

(First contact your mom, she might miss you!)