3-day design courses

We educate experience, community & process designers


What is a design course

A design course is a three-day program for professionals wanting to become an expert on Experience Design, Community Design or Process design. The backbone of the courses consists content from the Bachelor Social Innovation Design Labs and is offered in a 3 day pressure cooker.

The 3 days are an immersive cross-disciplinary dive into a hands-on and experiential world of discovery and learning. The set-up of the courses itself is designed as a transformative experience for the individual participants. This requires a customized programme for each course.

The content of the design courses is based on 3 designs: EXPERIENCE DESIGN, PROCESS DESIGN and COMMUNITY DESIGN

Experience Design Course VVN

Additional value

Besides the learning outcomes, the group dynamics has additional value for the participants.

In the course the participants create a culture, interaction patterns and language which makes them more effective in collective creative processes.

Having worked as a group, the participants will have a collective memory of a transformational learning experience which has created a bond at a more fundamental level.

Summer School Design Course

Content of the courses

The content of the program is based on theory from the different design labs. During the program we work on real-life challenges, handed in by the participants. The structure of the courses is based on the educational concept of Performatory: Performing and Laboratories. Meaning: We discuss elements of theory and facilitate the transfer into your own practice. After practicing we reflect with all participants and aim for concrete learning outcomes. We repeat this learning loop several times during the pressure cooker.


The courses are offered as:

INCOMPANY | a custom made program for your employees, working with your business challenges.

IN HACATHON | a program designed to educate your employees, working together with participants from outside your company on your relevant business challenges

OPEN SIGN UP | You can join the course as an individual

Different courses

We offer courses in the field of:

Experience Design

Community Design

Process Design

Facilitating processes

Educational Design

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