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to go till (C)lockdown

24 hours Performatory/RADIO

What rebels do when they are locked down? They will flourish, they will stretch their own and others boundaries. From our own apartments, gardens, kitchens, vans, bikes, pools – or wherever we’ve been locked all around the world we can still make things grow.

And that’s what we’ll share with everyone who’s willing to join our 24 H RADIO.

From Friday, 10th July from 10 pm Dutch time, till Saturday, 11th July, 10 pm Dutch time.

Do you feel the radio beats already?
Give us a beat of your heart to let us know!


24 hours radio heroes

Anouk, Alex and Youp will be locked down for 24 hours, but will be more connected to you in theses 24 hours then ever before. Are you still supporting them deeply in the night? They feel challenged to turn every stone of our community upside down?

They are definitely not alone in this quest. Reporters, musicians, artists and chefs from all over the world will be available under the ON-AIR buttons of their mixing table. Maybe you are even called in to bring in the best gossip of the year. Or is the gossip about you?

Our reporters on the road & artists online

Check this page or instagram for daily/hourly updates!

les chasses patate

We still don’t know why, but Frank & Jacco will go for a tour the Holandia and bike to a lot of secret places. We will follow them for 24 hours and support them in their 300 km challenge.

10 AM FRI | Location 1:
They start their tour from out of the radio studio. So, tune in on time to see these heroes starting their challenging journey.

11 AM FRI | Location:
Maybe it’s at your doorstep?

The route will be updated during the day, so you know where you can go to support them.

Silent Disco

24-hours dancing like you never danced before and singing out loud while nobody can hear you. But not dancing in a club, but in an empty swimmingpool with the best DJ’s of Performatory. Only 30 places available!

You can’t get closer to the radio studio then by joining the Silent Disco. You can listen to the music of DJ Jochem (team 6), maybe a guest DJ or have a drink and tune in on the channel of  Clockdown Radio. The Radio Studio is just around the corner and you can have a look inside in pairs.

Location: Paterserf 10, Oosterhout

Book one of the 30 spots by contacting Maarten (team 4): 0626877726

Gather your team and register as soon as possible, this is the opportunity to gather save at the end of the year.


Menno and Maike together in a Van for 24 hours driving through the Netherlands to visit the creapiest, funniest and outreagous places of students and alumni. Maybe they will bring breakfast too.

10 minutes of Guilty Pleasure

From hardcore to Abba. Can you imagine? We neither. But we’re going to do it anyway. A few times in 24 hours, 10 minutes pass by with the guilty pleasure of performatorians. So, who was that fan of apres ski music again?

Live art experiences

24 hours of Timeless Art observed by our art-lovers Annet and Juul. At the same time artists like Oli and Marissa will create neon-art, streetart and self-portraits. Do you want a picture of yourself on Oli’s wall? No thanks!


Time to meet team 15! Not with boring questions but with the VRIJ questions hosted by Liedewij. That is going to be aaaaakward. But we love awkwardness.


We are the champoins my friends, no time for losers, we are the championssssss of the world’ – and then live with the best musicians of Performatory. Hosted from their livingrooms with a time limit to practise the songs that you want to hear from them. Good luck.. haha

Underground Performcast

Have you always wanted to know what is going on in the lives of our Performatorians & Friends? In this interactive Performcast you can dismantle the deepest, most beautiful and craziest stories of our community. And you know what? You can even bring in suggestions who we need to have as a guest for one hour in our Clockdown Radio Show. Who is in already?

11.00 AM: Ger Pepels
What if there is one rule: we don’t talk about Social Innovation! Let’s see what is in this beautiful mind of maybe the biggest rebel of us all, disturbing the brain of every community member! let’s see if Alex and Anouk can disturb our oracle.

2.00 PM: Roland Kleve (Director of Academy for Leisure)
What if you become the new director of one of the most extraordinary academy of the Netherlands. What if Corona enters your new job a few months later and what if…We can’t imagine the roller-coaster our new director was in the last few month. But no worries, with his history at Disney, he probably loves roller-coasters. Let’s see if he survives a good ride with Alex and Anouk?

4.30 pm FRI: Free spot

8.00 pm FRI:  Niels Jensen
Our Viking from Norway and one of the people who was involved at the start of the Performatory….a long long time ago. You never know what is going to happen when you invite Niels, but he will laugh enough himself!!! Bringing back good old memories, but above all we are curious if Anouk and Alex can bring any line in the (to big) stories of our Viking brother.

12.00 pm in the night: Emily Haagenson
Who is this again? Well she is this wonderful guest we had for halve a year during our English Labs. Let’s see what her experience was with…us, you, Performatory.

3.00 pm (so deep in the night): Anne-Lotte (team 9)
Travelling around the world, meeting people, creating stories and following the seeds of serendipity. That’s what Anne-lotte is doing. At the moment she is in Australia. We’ll lunch with her in the middle of our night.



Embodiment for Clockdown

Staying awake for 24 hours is a challenge in itself. So what do we need? Indeed, something to get us through the night. Noemi (team 13) will ensure that we get energy to start the night, at night we are taken into a story and in the morning we shake everything up again. Embodiment for clockdown, let’s go!

Confetti at Goedzooi

LOTS OF CONFETTI AND LOTS OF CAPITALS. That can mean nothing but a Goedzooi activity. And yes, that will certainly happen. From 9.00 PM to 01.30 PM you are welcome at Goedzooi to watch Clockdown together with your mates. That’s going to be fun. At 1.30 AM we leave to the Silent Disco.

Location: Tussentijd – Breda
Time: 9 PM – 1.30 AM

Register via: Well you know the guys, don’t you?

Charlie – Lucy – Carlo – Cooking – Class

Food is a connecting factor. Especially with us in the community. So what we’re going to do is cook together. Four moments during these 24 hours we receive cooking lessons from Italy, French and the Netherlands given by Charlie, Lucy (team 14) and Carlo. Lets cook!

Do you want to join them? These are the grocery lists:

Lunch | Carlo’s gnocci
potatoes – salt- peper- eggs – tomatoes – basil – parmesan

Dinner | Veggie burgers by Lucy
– Jar of kidney beans (Bruine bonen in Dutch) or any other type of canned beans
– 1 courgette – tomatoes – sun dried tomatoes – 1 egg
– bread crumbs (or flower) – Garlic powder
– Spices: salt, pepper, spices of choice (thyme/ rosemary/ paprika/ Mexican mix…)
And whatever you’d like to accompany it with; it can be chips, buns, salads…

American Pancakes by Charlie
250 unsalted penuts – Arachide oil/ Penut oil – 1 Banana – 30gr oats/oatmeal – Blueberries – Carrot – Quark