Events & Shareables

Performance & Laboratory

The Performatory concept is about performing together and evolving as a person and as a society by connecting education, research & communities in our lively laboratories.

Events & Shareables

You can visit our laboratory-meetings every week and we organise events at which we share our insights. Based on our findings, experiences & reflections we would like to offer you some shareables.

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Is there a subject you would like to know more about? Or do you want us to keep you posted about new events or sharebles?


Social Innovation about improving the social interaction between people in such a way that they embrace or come up with new ideas, perspectives or solutions. Innovations that tackle social, environmental, economic and/or cultural challenges.


Experience Design Lab

…is about designing meaningful experiences that create value for businesses, individuals and society.

Community Design Lab

…is about creating value by designing a community of people and organizations around a certain topic.

Process Design Lab

…is about designing and facilitating creative processes that lead to new ideas, co-creations and project start-ups