Funky spaces


Breda University

Performatory is hosted by Breda University of Applied Sciences. And is situated at the second floor of the building at Archimedestraat 17, Breda. It’s a 5 minute walk from the train station and there is a free parking lot.

8.00 am till 7.00 pm

The performatory doors are open from 8.00 am till 7.00 pm. We are not a conference centre, so we approach you as one of us. There is no host, but everybody is willing to help you.

Funky spaces

We created some funky spaces to do workshops or have meetings. If you want to use a space that doen’t look like a corporate conference room, then this is it. We have working  spaces for max. 10 people. The concept is simple. You can book a space for only 35 euro to use for 4 hours. You can pick a coffee or tea at the bar in the open co-working space for free.

Co-working space

Members of performatory work in the open co-working space. It’s a cosy area where there is space for about 80 people. If you’re open for other people, except that we are all responsible for making coffee & tea and doing the dishes, then we invite you over to join us.

Wifi guest account

Coffe and tea is for free and after 4.00 pm there are drinks available in the fridge. Please announce your visit in advance, so we can arrange a wifi guest account.

The dishwasher

Empty coffee pot? Please fill it up again! There are always some cold drinks in the fridge and we trust you to leave some coins behind ;-). Every space has a screen and a whiteboard. When you leave the space, please put your cups in the dishwasher.

New co-working space September 2019

September 2019 Performatory is moving to a new Co-working space at the main building of Breda University of Applied sciences. 

Are you interested in the possibilities of this space?

Let's have a coffee/WHYNOT

You can have a first glimz already. Watch the first impression movie.
(Performatory is situated in the part that is showed after 7.45 minutes)